• Maroso2602
  • My topic ERROR Authenticating Message
  • I've setup everything. Port is running fine, xspinner running fine, but when adding fake details into GSA-ser spinners, I'm getting an "ERROR Authenticating " message on all spinners. I've tried with wordai, TBS, spinrewriter, and even with spinnerchief same error. Also tried all the ip's/ports listen inside xpinner. Also hosts are setup correctly. Any sollution?
  • 2014-08-30 06:51
  • Maroso2602
  • My topic [Request/Question] Don't Sp...
  • I'm spinning around 100k articles using the "Batch Spinner", but I want a way to not modify the titles in each article, because they are seo optimized for long tail keywords. So, I have a folder with 100k articles in .txt files. I set SC to spin each article using the "Batch Spin" addon, but I don't want SC to spin the titles (the first line in each article). Is there a way to set SC not to spin the first line in each article?
  • 2014-04-24 08:00