If you want to MarketerBrowser free version, please check following steps:

1.Please download WhiteHatBox App software

at http://download.whitehatbox.com/whitehatboxsetup.exe

2.After download the software please install and run whitehatbox app.

3. Search MarketerBrowser in whitehatbox app, and download MarketerBrowser software there.

4. After download, MarketerBrowser will install automatically. Then you can run MarketerBrowser there directly.

5. After run MarketerBrowser, input free serial code to login and use, MarketerBrowser free serial code is mbcfreecode.

Why do we let you run MarketerBrowser in whitehatbox app ?
This is an often asked question, the answer is that because whitehatbox app provides some good functions for you, like auto-update, recover to last version and auto-resume from crash etc. So now we put all of our softwares in the whitehatbox app, you can run/update/manage all softwares in one place.