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Can I use the same variable for one category of task ?

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Hi, I wonder whether can I make one variable that work for every task operated in the same category. I mean, if I want to make web2 registration, I have to set variable password username, etc.

In my understanding, I have to make those same variable for every module I created for different sites, it's exhausting. I also have to put the same value in botchief runner too for every module.

Can I make global variable for all modules? so I need to enter only once and it is work for every module in botchief runner or editor.

I hope you understand my question

2015/12/21 05:28:55
i got it, but very sorry that botchief editor and runnner can not be set like that.
2015/12/25 01:06:04
In fact, you can use the bulk-create task function in botchief runner to do it.
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2016/01/02 05:18:25

You mean by doing bulk create task function, I just need to set global initialize variables to be used on a few modules? is it true?

I checked that it needs developer license to use bulk create task.

2016/01/02 23:43:05
I think what you want is to set same value(one time) for all different bot that has same init variables, right?
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