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Click does not work

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1. on the latest version, Control Operate 'click' does not work when running the debug. ex: when you fill in username and password wordpress, then when the program want to click login, it is failed.

However if I try to run only that command (click command), it is work.

2. when I try to switch browser to gecko 33 or 45. Error window popped up, saying dll file not found, run program with administrator right. Then I have to switch to 29 again, to run the program.

What's the use of this function if user can not use it

Please fix it soon, since I only have pro account which cannot emulate mouse click

2019/08/09 17:28:48

1, perhaps some of elements changed when you run it in a debug window. Try to use New Keystroke Emulation command instead of Control Operate, then check if your issue can be solved.

If your version cannot use this command, you can share us your Control Operate settings, we will help you check it.

2, what error did you see please? Any screenshot shares to us please?

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